Thanks Mum, great advice

My mum and I are incredibly close. I would go as far to say that she’s one of my best friends which means that I’m in the very sought after position of being the recipient to her pearls of wisdom. Some of her tips are very valuable and have therefore been a positive influence and a constitution to my way of life. Some tips haven’t. I’ll leave you to decide…

1) Always wear mascara

So I’m starting with something I actually listened to. Being naturally very fair, my eyelashes need all the help they can get. This tip was probably given to me in the late nineties and luckily there are more options for eyelash definition nowadays. I love an eyelash tint, especially before a holiday. Saves everyone on the beach from witnessing a panda eyed mess. I’ve tried eyelash extensions, and they looked awesome… for about 24hrs. The key to extensions is aftercare… Something I have very little patience to partake it. My husband also started to get pissed off with all the ‘spider legs’ in the sink when they fell out. Not a nice find when brushing your teeth apparently. Hey ho, payback for all effing beard hairs I find EVERYDAY.

2) Always remove your mascara at night

Yep, most nights I do as I hate the feeling of clumpy, stuck together eyelashes. And it does really damage them. She also told me that leaving your makeup on overnight ages you. However, Mum failed to warn me about the lack of desire to remove said mascara, and any other makeup, when I’m completely shit faced. That means my skin has probably aged 7 years + each time this occurs as usually I’ve used more makeup than I have done for the entire month leading up to my night out. Fab.

3) Never go above a size 14

I distinctly remember when my mum and I were in a department store dressing room and none of the size 12 trousers were going around my stomach. I was 15 years old and distraught that I was faced with going up another dress size. It was about 6 months after I had been very poorly and I was slowly gaining weight after being a very gaunt and frail looking size 10. She reassured me by saying that I was beautiful and that a size 14 was fine. “Just never go above it.” Well, one year later I was a size 16 and have continued to be that size to this day. Whoops, sorry Mum… I can range from a small, toned 16 to a bloated and wobbly 16; all depending on my health, diet and level of exercise at the time. Some days I wish I was at the magic ’14’. But guess what? Most days I’m loving life and content with my look. Proof that a number on an item of clothing doesn’t define me or my happiness.

4) Kill them with kindness

A classic go to if ever I’m feeling vulnerable. Whether it’s unsociable neighbours, arsehole work colleagues or a rude stranger, you will always win by being nice… To their face…

5) “I know when I’ve had enough”

This statement gets blurted out whenever she thinks that my Dad, my sister or I have had too much booze. It’s usually unleashed when we’re all together and when we’re getting a little animated. Obviously if she is drinking with us, it doesn’t make an appearance. However, I can guarantee that it will always come out if we have more than one drink on a weekday night. Believe me when I say that she is the last person to judge when it comes to alcohol consumption. She has had far too many hangovers to know when she’s “had enough!” 😘

6) Be a Realist

I always think her definition of a realist is actually more pessimist. But that’s because I’m quite the optimist so I often believe her outlook can be on the negative side. I appreciate her gravitational pull when I set off on my sky high journeys in life; some of my plans can be a little adventurous. I also appreciate her subtle guidance when I’m blinkered and set on a particular mission. However, Mum, I will always be forever optimistic!

7) Dress for your shape

Hmmmm. I’m occasionally torn with this one. I would be delighted to live in yoga pants and strappy tops as I love the look of that style. It oozes a relaxed way of life which is what I strive to achieve on a daily basis. Sadly, I look utterly shit in most the yoga inspired outfits I have tried. I tend to lean towards certain cuts of dresses (low V neck and midi length) as I feel it’s the most flattering style for me. I own loads of them and have the piece of mind of knowing there is a style I can turn to when my latest purchase of the SS16 luxe tracksuit doesn’t work out too well.

8) Sleep on it

Don’t be rushed into big decisions, use the time to think things through rationally. More importantly, don’t panic about things overnight. Likelihood is things will seem a lot less dramatic after a good nights sleep.


✨Me and my Mum ✨

Ps – love you more than you’ll ever know Mum 💕💕

1 thought on “Thanks Mum, great advice”

  1. Mum likes this one darling! However,my other bit of advice with a teenager, particularly one who liked to push boundaries….ring a bell here Holly, is to never instantly dismiss their latest ridiculous scheme!! Just nod and say fine, we’ll talk about this in a little bit, whilst getting on with doing dinner, whatever, whilst you allow yourself time to furiously come up with a rational argument against. I confess to having been very manipulative and occasionally economical with the truth but it worked. There are times when being devious is the only way forward, believe me we’ve been there a trillion times! A bit of a bonkers teenage boundary pusher wild child and all you can do is cling on with your fingertips and stay with her for the ride. You just don’t want to lose them or let them lose themselves in the melee of sex, drugs and rock n roll. It is one of my proudest achievements as she could have turned out so differently. Instead I have a lovely daughter who is a superb mum and good friend. Result! X

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