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We aim to provide support for bottle-feeding parents and mothers who are unable to breastfeed their babies. They should be proud that they are using a method of providing nutrition in a way that suits their family, whether it’s through choice or necessity. Millions of women depend of bottle-feeding as a way of nourishing their baby; formula, pumping, combination or supplementing.

We write articles promoting positivity for bottle-feeding and making our voice heard in a world where breastfeeding initiatives are at the detriment of formula feeders. Along with highlighting why some women rely on bottlefeeding and/or formula, we are striving to raise awareness of Breastfeeding Grief and the affect it can have on mother and baby. We share supporters stories with the aim of connecting mothers who are experiencing similar feeding journeys and emotional challenges. Our community is built of respect, kindness and understanding.​

It’s very important that our bottle-feeding support network isn’t mistaken for an attack on breastfeeding. Far from it. We love breastfeeding beauties. Just so we’re clear;

  • Breastfeeders should feel empowered to feed their baby whenever and wherever they choose.
  • Support for breastfeeding mums is so very important and should be encouraged.
  • Education, information and guidance is also vital for any struggling breastfeeder.
  • We acknowledge that successful breastfeeders can have a torrid time too and they should be celebrated in their achievement.

We also feel that the same support should be given for people who bottle feed their baby.

We are on the same side. A side that provides the best nutrition we can give our babies.

Ultimately, we are all just doing our best, breast or bottle.

We want to hear your feeding stories and ensure our supporters have a safe place to discuss their feeding journey without judgement or criticism. Email us at: djjfcampaign@gmail.com

You can also join the campaign by sharing photos of you feeding your baby;  formula, pumping or combination feeding  on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter; make sure you use the hashtag #dontjudgejustfeed

“I work in Philosophy of Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood, with a special interest in infant feeding. In particular, I explore how philosophical mistakes contribute to the shame, guilt, blame and judgment surrounding decisions about how babies are fed. The work that you are doing with this campaign is so important, because so many women suffer from judgment surrounding how they feed their babies. I also love the way you are so clear that this is not about attacking breastfeeding or breastfeeding support campaigns, but about making sure that all women are supported, however they end up feeding their babies.”
Dr Fiona Woollard, Philosophy, Southampton University. U.K. 
We love the #dontjudgejustfeed initiative! What’s important is that we feed our babies, whether that’s from breasts or from bottles.
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